Vanilla Manifesto

Passion, curiosity and awareness lead us.

We believe in our work.

We believe in it so much that in order to improve we question ourselves, we travel the world, we attend courses, we read books because, only in this way, we can be sure of creating quality, a quality that works.

We believe in our quality. After years of experience, day after day, sitting with humility and humanity in front of a computer, we realized that what we were doing would become great because great was the heart we were putting in.

We believe our work is made by people rather than devices and emails.

We believe in smiles: those that a close-knit crew like ours manages to maintain even on stormy days.

We believe that only by giving the best we will get your trust. This is why everything that passes through here, even the smallest task, requires time and concentration.

Here at Vanilla we speak four languages, we create sites, e-commerce and web applications and we are among the first agencies in Italy to use the JAMstack approach.

We develop social strategies, SEM and SEO campaigns that bring to concrete results. We deal with copy, brand and corporate identity. We teach our work in conferences, business schools and universities.

After years of problems solved, appeased urgencies and solutions found, we became the super heroes of customer care :)

Passion, curiosity, awareness lead us.

We are Vanilla, we are Digital Creators.


Here we are

Yes! Also Olivia, our lazy and chubby bulldog, is part of Vanilla.


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