You Make Me Feel Good.

You make me feel good if you're feeling fine.

You make me feel good if you believe in what you do.

You make me feel good and that's enough for me.

We love our job, very, very much; we feel good at what we do because we put our head, determination and humility into it.

Over the years we have grown, each of us as a person, and all together as a team. We believe that the greatest achievement is that as responsibilities increase, smiles and good humor never diminish.

We believe that a job well done is useful and we believe that those who choose to work with us know that together we will get there, where it is right to get there.

You Make Me Feel Good is our project dedicated to those who put their heart into what they do, into an idea, into a dream that, to others, may seem impossible to achieve.

If you are one of those who launch themselves into the skies with your eyes closed because the air smells good, if you have a non-profit organization on your hands/, a project that helps others, then apply to You Make Me Feel Good by writing an email to

We will be very happy to meet you and share with you our enthusiastic knowhow.

The You Make Me Feel Good 2023 is Associazione Amici Animali based in Italy.


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